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Discovering the city of palms

Bordighera is a small city characterised by history and culture. It is located on one of the coast spot with the clearest water in Europe. Thanks to the steep mountains rising up behind the city, the inland is very characteristic and attractive for both people loving old typical small towns in the hinterlands and for those looking for adventurous trek with spectacular view on the sea.

Villa Regina Margherita

Margherita of Savoy, the first queen of Italy, commissioned the construction of this house between 1914 and 1916 to the [...]


Museo Bicknell

The oldest Museum in the Western Liguria

Clarence Bicknell Library, built between 1886 and 1888 based on the project of the English architect Clarence Tait, was [...]


Centro culturale ex Chiesa anglicana

Originally the "Chiesa Anglicana" was a private chapel

The church has been built in 1863 thanks to the first English visitors that were usually staying in Bordighera from [...]


Villa Etelinda

The private residence of queen Margherita of Savoy

Villa Etelinda, also known as Villa Bischoffsheim which is its old name, was built by the famous French architect [...]


Giardini Lowe

The Lowe Garden is one of the gifts left by the English

The Lowe Garden is one of the several gift left by the English to the town which was so popular and beloved. On 26 [...]

Caressa de mä

Accommodations in the historical heart of Bordighera.

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