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Bordighera Focuses on Trails and E-Bikes

Bordighera Focuses on Trails and E-Bikes

The project to enhance the trails and hinterland of Bordighera continues. By October, a series of works in the Montenero area should be nearing completion. Mayor Vittorio Ingenito explains: "The trails are marked, we need to install signage, and a viewpoint accessible to all will be created in the area called Cian d'Innamurai."

"The administration's goal - he continues - is to connect the beautiful Montenero region with nearby areas. We have also discussed this with Councilor Mario Robaldo from Sanremo, who is also convinced of the need to unite the two territories. Therefore, the municipality of Bordighera will soon allocate a new sum of money to realize this connection, which largely already exists, but needs to be redesigned in some sections to reach the Marzocco curve and extend to San Romolo."

This project aligns with the development and increasing prevalence of e-bikes, electric bicycles. "Several hotels offer this service. We have attempted it with a tender, and we will try again soon, to lease e-bikes for mountain trips. We believe it is the future of off-season tourism. We must believe in it because in other areas, they have achieved astonishing numbers."

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